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Yoshinogari History Park

Saga prefecture


The Yoshinogari Ruins were discovered in 1989 and are the largest Yayoi period (3rd Century) ruins in Japan. The ruins cover an area of roughly 40 hectares spreading throughout the towns of Kanzaki and Yoshinogari. The discovery of the ruins casts doubts on the theory that there were no large scale moated settlements in Kyushu. Many artifacts have been excavated. By discovering the enormous burial mounds thought to belong to royalty, visitors to the park will be able to understand the changes that occurred during the 600 years of the Yayoi period as well as getting to know the whole story behind this settlement focusing on this “country” in the Yayoi period. Along with the on-going excavations within Yoshinogari History Park, restorations of the “latter half of the Yayoi period” are continuing. The Yoshinogari History Park is a park allowing its visitors to feel the romanticism of ancient Yayoi.

Address 1843 Tate, Yoshinogari-cho, Kanzaki-gun, Saga-ken
Contact Tel: 0952-55-9333
Access Information *15 minute walk from JR Yoshinogari Koen Station or JR Kanzaki Station.
Parking -
Parking fees *Cars (850 spaces): 300 yen. *Oversized vehicles (100 spaces): 1,000 yen.
Times Available -
Time Required 60 - 120 mins.
Max, Capacity No limit
Closed *Dec. 31st.
*The third Mon. in Jan. as well as the following Tues.
Usage fees *15 years and older: 400 yen (280 yen). *Elementary and junior high school: 80 yen (40 yen). ※prices in ( ) are for groups of more than 20.
Reservations required Reservations required for experience program and guide (extra fee).
For reservations TEL
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