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Aoshima Protruding Beach and Curious Wave-shaped Rock Formation (Ogre’s Washboard)

Miyazaki prefecture


Nichinan Coastline extends from Aoshima Island to Aburatsu in the south and is the location for the uneven seafloor referred to as the “Ogre’s Washboard”. The Ogre’s Washboard is a geological formation of an accumulation of sediment that occurred a few million years ago deep under the ocean. This formation has been shaped from the erosion of waves and now protrudes out of the sea at a slight slope The result has been the creation of nature when this formation is not underwater, making this area a unique landscape not seen anywhere else.

Address Aoshima, Oriuzako, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki-ken
Contact Tel: 0985-21-1791
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